The Different Types of

Palm Kernel Oil

and their benefits

Similarly to coconut oil and palm oil, palm kernel oil is an edible plant oil. However, its derivation is what sets it apart. It comes from the kernel (or the nut) of an Elaeis guineensis – this is a particular species of African palm tree. There is a common misconception that palm kernel oil and palm oil is the same thing. However this is not the case. Nonetheless, there are products with palm oil and there are also products containing palm kernel oil too. Both oils posses their own purpose and their own benefits to the individual who uses them.

You may also come across the term "fractionated palm kernel oil". This can be used in various different goods, with energy bars and candy being a popular place for fractionated palm kernel oil. The reason for this is because it prevents the chocolate coating from melting. The fractionated version has simply been through a process of heating then cooling. As a result, the oil is separated into fractions – as you may have guessed via the name. The liquid fraction is usually disposed of whilst the solid is utilised.

In addition to this, there is the hydrogenated palm oil version. This is also found in a lot of foods, with baked goods being one of these. The hydrogenation simply revolves around the process of turning the oil into a liquid and then into a semisolid substance. The reason for doing this is to make the oil more stable and easier to work with in such circumstances.

In order to truly have a full picture regarding the kernel palm oil benefits you need to be aware of the nutritional content. The kernel palm oil nutrition value is largely made up of saturated fat. However, these saturated fats are a lot healthier than others you will find. Palm kernel oil largely consists of lauric acid – one of the most common fats in nature. The other saturated acids include; associated capric acid and short chain caprylic. The latter is actually a component of human milk. What’s more is that neither of these have any impact on the cholesterol.

There are several palm oil health benefits. One of the main advantages touched upon earlier is the fact that this oil is utterly free of cholesterol. This is not the case with a lot of oils and butters found in stores and on the internet today. In addition to this, palm kernel oil contains a substantial amount of vitamin K. This is extremely important when it comes to ensuring your bones are healthy. Vitamin K is also used as a coagulation factor in the blood. A lack of vitamin K can be extremely detrimental to one’s health.

Nosebleeds, bruising, and gums bleeding are three signs of a lack of vitamin K. Those who have a deficiency will also note that any wounds they have will take a lot longer to stop bleeding in comparison to other people. To conclude, there is clearly a lot to be gained from palm kernel oil. The benefits should not be ignored.

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